Direct-to-Garment Printing


Direct - To - Garment printing (DTG) is one of the newest forms of printing on apparel.  This method is very popular for smaller orders or orders with many colors.  This type of printing applies the ink directly onto the t-shirt with special inkjet printing technology.

DTG printers are very similar to your paper printers at home, but in a large format in which a shirt gets printed. DTG uses CMYK ink, which allows the process to be able to print full color images, from photo images to multi color intricate designs.

Pricing for DTG is more consistent than screen printing, but it can vary depending the following 2 factors:​

  • Image size - Ink colors will not matter much with DTG printing, but the size of the image will since it will determine ink coverage area.

  • Number of print locations - will your shirt take a sleeve logo or back logo?  If so, adding more placements will increase pricing.

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