Embroidery is one of the most popular embellishing techniques for corporate apparel. The high quality and durability in embroidery makes it a favorite for all professionals. 

Pricing for embroidery is determined by 4 main factors:

  • Quantity - the best pricing for embroidery will start at 13 units.  However, we do not have any minimums and can accommodate orders of all sizes.


  • Logo Size - the size of the design will affect pricing.  The bigger the design, the more stitches, and the higher the stitch count the higher the pricing.


  • Logo Complexity - due to the process of embroidery being needles sewing on a piece of fabric, a simpler design would require less stitching.

  • Number of embroidery locations - will your shirt take a sleeve logo or back logo?  If so, adding more placements will increase pricing.

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